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Alvar Aalto Webbing

An alternative to traditional upholstery, linen belts are lightweight, breathable, and timeless way to offer support while maintain a slim silhouette. Densely interwoven, they will gently yield to the sitter for exceptional, custom comfort. Aalto began utilizing this method early on in his career as an architect and furniture designer, and it remains a popular choice today.

Meet the new and improved Artek belt. The new webbing is duo-tone in color and the quality of the linen has been optimized. Artek collaborated with textile designer Hella Jongerius to create the new, modern color palettes. Contrasting warp (longitudinal) and weft (transverse) twisted yarns create the look of a three-dimensional weave to bring beautiful dimension to the new hues. For example, the red and white weave will look red and white up close, but from a distance it blends to give the appearance of a modern rose tone.

This webbing comes directly from the manufacturer and is currently used on the Chair 611, Armchair 406, and Lounge Chair 43. It is woven in Germany and has been pre-stretched and thermal treated for optimal durability.

Please note: Artek updated its webbing in 2019. This webbing is new and improved, however, the color varies slightly from what you may have. We recommend contacting us for a sample if you are trying to match existing furniture.

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