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A Safe, Stylish, and Stable Stool for Kids

While it may seem futile to splurge on furniture intended for children, finding something safe, durable, and timeless is a worthwhile investment.

Kid stools are a popular choice for little ones, who are notorious for not sitting still. It offers plenty of ways for a little one to creatively take a seat and still have a wide range of motion and views around the room. Stools can also be used as a makeshift table. This makes them perfect for playrooms where art and reading run rampant along with imaginations. When not in use, it makes a lovely display surface for a child’s prized possessions. It is also stackable, so extra are on hand for playdates but out of the way to make room for activities on the floor when not needed.

The Artek Alvar Aalto Stool NE60 is the perfect choice for parents who want something that seamlessly fits in with their style but is tailored to functioning for the needs of their kid. The four-legged version of Alvar Aalto’s famous Stool 60, it’s sturdier to make sure it won’t tip over even if treated like a jungle gym. The round seat and bent “L-legs” patented by Alvar Aalto ensure there are no sharp edges to cause injury. The polished wood is safer that hard metals or fragile glass, and a more natural and lasting alternative to plastics. It’s made with the same quality birch wood as its bigger counterpart, so it will last long after it’s outgrown and be passed down the generations. First produced in 1934, this stool has been a part of children’s lives for generations already. It’s found in homes, public buildings, and educational facilities all over the world.
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